Ehcp General Problem Solving Guidelines-Updated

This article is about general problem solving,
will guide you to “how to solve problems in ehcp.”

If some links in subpages contain “?q=…”, they are from our old drupal system. We will convert all of them progressively. If any link is like that, do search on site, you will most probably find what you want.

In fact, ehcp is, as name implies, very easy to install and use, compared to most other panels. However, not everything goes fine in real life.

Lets come to story:

Before asking something to ehcp/support, please check these:

  • to solve your problems:
  • Some new help topics
  • Make sure your system is installed as described in requirements (… will be written soon), clean debian, ubuntu preferred
  • While installing and configuring system, you may follow guides described in
  • While dealing with your problems, apply some debug techniques/procedures as described in (this page also contains system logs)
  • For general information, you may have a look at some important articles at
  • While asking some question, or telling a problem to us using email, support ticket and so on, tell about your system, which operating system, ehcp version, your network connection and so on.
  • Categorized Subject specific help will be written in future, here, such as email topics, ftp topics.. These are in fact already exist in forums. Please search in our site to find them.
  • If you are in trouble, try to contact us using ticket system, email (, gtalk, or even phone !
  • We are sory that you had to read all these, I hope that you would never read this, you would work out of box..