Info needed before asking something

When you ask something for support to ehcp, please provide following information along with your question/support request:

* What is version of your Ubuntu ? (cmd: cat /etc/*ele* )
* what version of ehcp did you install ? which file ? ? or latest.tgz ? (_yeni.tgz is newer beta, other is latest stable)

* Did you check log files, in /var/log, syslog etc. what logs say ? (cmd: tail -f /var/log/syslog /var/log/ehcp.log)
* Is this a freshly installed server? or a server previosly installed ?
* How did the problem occured ? when ? after what operation of yours ? (for ex: new server, appeared directly/ after adding some subdomain etc.. )

* is your ehcp daemon running ? (cmd: ps aux | grep “ehcp”)
* can you login to ehcp gui ?
* what version do you see in ehcp gui ? (top right of ehcp gui, mostly)