Howto Debug Ehcp

in many cases, debuging your system and ehcp may help you resolve your problem.
Either your problem is email, or domains, or anything else, following steps may help you to resolve your problem. a console on your server, then enter:
sudo tail -f /var/log/ehcp.log
This will monitor the running of ehcp daemon.. you will/may see many lines when you add domains/subdomains.. or do some operations in your ehcp gui

  1. open a separate console on your server, then enter:
    sudo tail -f /var/log/syslog
    this will show almost all aspects of your server, including email send/receive.. so, this will be useful when debugin especially email problems.
  2. to be sure, open a separate ssh console, then enter:
    sudo /etc/init.d/ehcp restart
    this will restart ehcp daemon (background process) and make sure operations on ehcp gui be applied to your system.
    Without daemon, most gui operations will not be applied to system.

after doing this, watch your console on 1 and 2 and try to debug your system. Note that, these are not mostly necessary on many systems, I mean, ehcp will usually work out of box. These are only needed on some circumstances and may help you resolve your cases..
If you changed your mysql ehcp user pass after installation, follow:

if you live problem with your webserver, all pages in your server or most of pages:Are you able to reach your server at http://yourip ?

to debug apache and config files:

empty your file /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/apachehcp.conf and restart apache by:
on your server console:
echo "" > /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/apachehcp.conf
/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Now, check your server at http://yourip ?
if you access the server now, then, most probably, you have something wrong in apache templates of ehcp config files, such as “apachetemplate” and so on..

if you are still not able to see a webpage at http://yourip,
then you have something wrong in /etc/apache2/apache2.conf

did you change anything in that file recently ?
if yes, try to restore it to original state..

before debugging, make sure you did all necessary settings by following concepts at:

those are (almost) step-by-step instructions

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