Ehcp User levels explained


hi, any professional know, does ehcp permits regular user to use ehcp in firefox? if so, how to set the user account, which is limited to use admin fuction when this user login into ehcp through a remote computer in the firefox? and how many ehcp users can be permitted to use ehcp in one minute if the Ubuntu server9.10 is strong? and is there a maxmum number of users account in ehcp?

Appreciate your help!



what you mean by regular user ? non-admin, or domain admin, or email user ?

Basicly, as described in above, related posts, ehcp has 4 levels of users:

1-Admin: This is server admin, the most powerful ehcp user, able to add resellers, domain admins, email users, delete all, do some server related tasks, etc.
2-Reseller: this has ability to add many domains, delete them.
3-Domain admin: this has same rights as reseller, except for single domain
4-email user: can login to ehcp using email and email pass, then, do very basic things like, email forwarding,autoreply and email pass change.

These users can login to ehcp from any location, using a normal browser such as firefox or google chrome,

there is no limit in number of user logins per minute or hour, this solely depends on your server/hardware limits.

there is no limits for users,domains,db’s, etc, that can be added for admin.
For non-admins, limits are identified and can be edited by admin.