Q & A : port 8080


I need some help if it is possible
On some server I have installed EHCP and it works great for this site I need on that server
but there is 2 radiostream’s thats currently on port 8080 and port 8090
this radio was transfered from other server that was also linux but with cPanel
now when I try to start stream on 8080 I have this problem
EHCP says at port 8080: Hi, this is ehcp-python background proses, under development now… you will find usefull tools here soon…

is there some way to change this to something else because there is lot of listeners that are using our radio and use that port for it?

that ehcp_daemon.py is experimental (as of 2010, march) and you can stop it.
to stop,
killall ehcp_daemon.py
also disable lines in /etc/init.d/ehcp that starts ehcp_daemon.py each time.