ehcp 0.32 being tested, some improvements

you can download and test it from
some imrovements in domain synchronisation, most domain sync code updated, so, test it throughly. This is an important release for persons who has many domains. Only newly added domain is sync’ed. Also contains some updates related to file permissions, for especially wordpress users.

When doing something, only changed domain files are updated, so, adding a new domain, subdomain etc.. should be much faster for persons who has many domains/files. after installing (actually just replace classapp.php, for recent versions), logout&login back (which fixes some db settings).

Added a workaround for wordpress installs, which complains of file ownership and cannot install some plugins/files automatically. With this new ehcp, some wordpress directories are automatically owned by www-data, permitting plugin upload. But I warn everybody related to wordpress, including wordpress authors. this is a (not Big) security issue. Anybody that gains control of any plugin/addon in wordpress would gain control of whole website.. because, wp-admin files are (have to be, for plugins) owned by www-data. This is caused by a (possibly I thing wrong) design choice of wordpress, in its code, file.php.

with this ehcp, any newly installed wordpress are ready to use, ready to install plugin, file permissions are (I hope) correct. I tested in 2 different places.

if you want to have same affect for your existing wordpress installs, give this command in mysql:

INSERT INTO `customsettings` (domainname,`name`,`value`,`value2`)VALUES ('','fileowner','www-data:www-data','wp-content');
INSERT INTO `customsettings` (domainname,`name`,`value`,`value2`)VALUES ('','fileowner','www-data:www-data','wp-admin');

assuming your wordpress is installed in root, just after httpdocs. Alternatively, you may use "Custom Permissions" as described below.

we have two changes in db: scripts table -> customfileownerships field, for adjusting custom file ownerships for some scripts/programs, such as wordpress.

customsettings table: value2 field added, for preserving custom file ownerships for individual domains. These values are executed when sync'ing a domain to filesystem. Currently, when you install wordpress to a domain, a row for adjusting permissions is automatically added to customsettings table, making wordpress work right. As I said before, this is not a perfect solution, just a workaround for wordpress installations.

A new link added in sky template, domain homepage, bottom, advanced section -> "Custom File Permissions", where you can see/add new custom file permissions. Use this with caution. You can see it after you select a domain.

To sync all domains forcingly, in old way, use ehcp->options->syncdomains (this may be time consuming if you have many domains/files, many=tens of thousands of files)