Common daemon commands for Mysql

These are used from command line, when ehcp webbased gui is not accessible, or for any other reason.

go to server console,
mysql -p

use ehcp;


# reset to non-ssl mod all apache settings.
update misc set value=’apache2′ where name=’webservertype’;
update misc set value=’nonssl’ where name=’webservermode’;
insert into operations (op) values (‘fixapacheconfignonssl’);

# rebuilds apache config:
insert into operations (op) values (‘syncdomains’);

# rebuild bind dns config:
insert into operations (op) values (‘syncdns’);

# to reset template for your ehcp web-gui:
update misc set `value` = ‘xp5-z7′ WHERE `misc`.`name`=’defaulttemplate’ ;

update misc set `value` = ‘ubuntu0.4.2′ WHERE `misc`.`name`=’defaulttemplate’ ;

if you mayde some “custom http” then, you may also need to remove them from mysql command line.

mysql> delete from customsettings;
mysql> insert into operations (op) values (‘syncdomains’);

make sure your ehcp daemon working:
bash# ps aux | grep ehcp

if not working (may also be used to make sure, even if working):
# /etc/init.d/ehcp restart