Attackers or hackers that uses ehcp, and some complains

somebody is asking me to stop attacking their servers/systems, with the idea/assumption that I am doing that.
Or, some others ask me to stop spamming emails..

Actually, we are not doing that, but people that attack do use “ehcp” software in their system.

We need to give following explanation to those askers (attacked/spammed people):

ehcp is a hosting control panel software, the site/server/ip that attacks uses ehcp as a software layer.
But, unfortunately, we are not owner of it (that server/site).

To learn owner of it, look at whois records. (domain whois, and also ip whois)

it is neither owned by us, nor hosted by us.
The truth is this: the hoster site is using our software (ehcp) which
is an opensource free hosting control panel.
Everybody in world can download, install and use such gpl licensed
software. Ehcp cannot be responsible for every person that uses it for harmful purposes. It is a hosting software, not specifically designed for
attacking. its purpose is hosting.

That ip address does not belong to us.
you may also try ip whois.

Please also note that, for most spammers, unsubscribing or clicking the unsubscribe link is just a way of “verifying” your email, in this case, it may be worse for you..unfortunately..

if there is anything that We can do for you, let us know.