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If You need support:

There are two alternatives, one free, the other is paid. As usual, paid support is better and priority higher.
If you need free support about ehcp: Check contact above, or:
If you need paid/professional support:

If you want to support ehcp:

English (This is most accurate/uptodate):

if you wish to support or contribute ehcp, you may do by means of providing the following, whichever you can:

  • Your good wishes is the most valuable one..
  • You may buy professional license or subscription.
  • Suggest ehcp on your site, to your friends… Post articles about ehcp to some sites…
  • Server donation with internet connection in your datacenter or facility, (
  • Virtual Server, vps,(
  • Coding, programming support, Join our development teams.
  • html design support, re-design ehcp templates, gui, or site, (I need good drupal themes)
  • Graphics design, re-design of ehcp graphics, icons, logo, banner, advertise, translate ehcp to other languages,
  • Advertise support (put our links/logos on your iste)
  • Testing support, bug-report, write documentation, howto, tutorial about ehcp
  • Suggest new features,
  • put very small links of ehcp on your pages, to increase popularity of ehcp. or Put ehcp links on your pages, such as “Server powered by ehcp”. You may also put my other site’s links to your sites..
  • If possible, you should not remove ehcp reseller accounts on your ehcp, (you may remove if its email is different than
  • Prepare text/video tutorials regarding ehcp installation and usage, on howtoforge or orther sites…
  • Send me your feedbacks, your experiences with ehcp; positive or negative, so that we can improve ehcp.
  • check&update Easy Install Scripts, you can do that easily. also send us updates. scripts table in ehcp db.

    and so on..

    ehcp’ye destek olmak isterseniz, imkanlarınız olcusunde
    aşağıdakilerden birini veya birkacını sağlayabilirsiniz:

    1- Sunucu,
    2- Sanal sunucu, vps,
    3- Reseller hesabı
    4- Hosting
    5- Kodlama Desteği
    6- Html tasarım desteği
    7- Tanıtım Desteği
    8- Test etme
    9- ehcp ye bagis (
    10- yeni ozellikler onerin…
    11- Sayfalarınıza “Server powered by ehcp” seklinde link koyabilirsiniz.
    12- ehcp’nizde bulunan ehcp reseller hesaplarını kaldırmamanızı rica ederiz. (Eğer email ten farklı ise kaldırabilirsiniz.)

    se quiseres apoiar a ehcp, podes faze-lo fornecendo o seguinte:

    1- Servidor (ou, podes fornecer uma ligação á internet, nós iremos enviar dinheiro para o servidor, e entao poderás configurar o servidor aí..)
    1 . Servidor Virtual, vps
    3 – Conta de Revendedor para Alojamento
    4 – Conta de Alojamento
    5 – Ajuda na programação
    6 – Ajuda no de design html
    7 – Ajuda a publicitar
    8 – Fazer testes e reportar erros
    9 – Enviar donativos á ehcp (
    10 – Sugerir novas funcionalidades
    11 – Usar os endereços da ehcp nas tuas páginas, como por exemplo “server powered by ehcp”