About new Ehcp and some principles

  • if I/you install a newer ehcp, it is a testing version, may contain newer/other bugs, we are testing it. (actually I and somebody uses even test versions) I try to clean bugs as they appear.
  • when we install ssl, we do it with self-signed certificate. if you need a commercially signed certificate, then you need additional steps to do.
  • when you use a self-signed certificate, users that comes to your website will be warned with self-signed certificate.


How can i get my hands on this? I would love to help test


new ehcp’s usually at http://ehcp.net/ehcp_yeni.tgz
you may download and test it.

it usually contains newer codes/features. it should have version number which is greater than public version.

Please test this and say me results..
you may test things like:did installer started and finished normally ?do basic tests such as:does webserver running?does ftp running, can you login and upload using ftp, when you add a new ftp user.add some domain, check if it is running normally.check some other basic operations..check newer features… (currently, nginx, more stable ssl with apache)

report back the results here or info@ehcp.net

thank you for contributing/supporting ehcp in this way. Be sure that, this is also a very good way to support ehcp.

Also know that, I try to include credits to coders, bug finders and so on.. your name/nick will probably be included in developments..documents and codes, if you accept.


Okay i have it installed. How can i switch from apache to nginx?


ehcp gui->options->advanced settings
choose webserver type->nginx.