Ehcp Password Recorvery

if you installed ehcp, and somehow forgot/lost your ehcp admin password, or it does not accept password follow these:

* You must be able to connect your server by ssh, and you know your root password of your server.
if you dont know root password of server, you can’t do anything. in this case, you need to re-install your server or perform root password recovery.

* You must know mysql root password. if you dont know, do one of these:
go to /var/www/vhosts/ehcp dir, cat config.php (look into that file with cat or vi) dbrootpass is written there
or, do mysql password recovery as described in

* You must be able to connect your server by ssh and web (port 80)

Steps to recover ehcp admin login pass:
* connect your server by ssh
* on command line, mysql -p
use ehcp;
update panelusers set password=md5(‘1234′) where panelusername=’admin’;

This way, you should be able to login to your ehcp using password 1234