Single server – Multiple IPs

for multiple ip:
first, upgrade to latest version.
make your new version up and running prior to using multiple ip.

this feature is relatively new, and not known by everybody. in fact, we do not want to make people confused of many features.
do like this:

ehcp gui->options->List/Add Servers/ IP’s
here, click “Add ip to this serve”
add as many ips as you wish.

click “add domain” commands on left menu
you will see:
“Different IP(in this server, not multiserver): Easy Add Domain to different IP”
near bottom.
click on Easy “Add Domain to different IP”
choose any ip, write your domainname and click submit.
this way your domain will be configured on that ip.

Please also note that:
ehcp does NOT manage IP addresses of server, since it is something dangerous, and user may alter IP’s of server and make it unreachable.
the above “add ip commands” are only meaningful inside ehcp/apache.
so, you need to define multiple server IPs yourself in your ubuntu level too.

for ex, to add ips to your server:
you may add them by editing your /etc/network/interfaces file, by adding at bottom of that:
auto eth0:1
iface eth0:1 inet static
address 91.144.244.xx

auto eth0:2
iface eth0:2 inet static
address 91.144.244.xx+1

for using multiple ip in panel:
* click add domain,
in bottom links, add to different ip,
(for first time: list/add server ips
add your ip
return to step *)