Ehcp Version 0.38.5 released with minor fix

This version fixes an outdated smtp issue.
In older versions, there may be problem athentication while sending email, for Ubuntu 16.04 and later.
This is mainly caused by an outdated pam module. Outgoing mail auth is changed/fixed in this version.
Note that, this is for Ubuntu 16.04 and later. You can download this from

Net2ftp problem in newer Ubuntu's - Fixed - Patched

We have noticed that, Net2ftp is not compatible with newer Ubuntu's with php7. since php7 seems to have removed some php functions and net2ftp is last updated in 2013, there is some incompatibility. So, it is normal that net2ftp does not work on new Ubuntu's. We are working on this issue. We will either fix net2ftp or find an alternative.

Development of Ehcp will Continue

We are receiving some questions about development of Ehcp. As you see, the dev. of Ehcp was a little bit slow in recent months. But, we will continue the development of Ehcp and support new Ubuntu versions. We will test Ehcp for recent versions and fix any issues. New features will be implemented also. Continue to follow us here, for additional news.

Ehcp 0.38.3.b for Ubuntu 16.04 - Updated

We have worked on Ehcp for Ubuntu 16.04, tested basic features and the new Ehcp is ready for testing. You can download it from

(this 0.38.3.b version is newer than 0.38.b, it is updated)

Highlights from this new version:
* Ubuntu 16.04 and most probably older versions supported
* Updated codebase according to php7 as in Ubuntu 16.04
* Ftp server changed to a python based daemon (use port 2121 for ftp connection)
* Included adodb upgraded
* Many minor code fixes