Set Nginx as default webserver

Question (shortened): How can I set nginx as default and make sure it works, not apache,

Short Answer:

The short, easy, practical way: ehcp gui -> options -> advanced -> select nginx, submit
if you do not do this, the default server of apache will be invoked in some intervals by ehcp.

Related Info:

A less known feature of ehcp is its nginx integration,
and ehcp is known to be first and only opensource hosting control panel that supports nginx directly.


Ehcp Features

(Updated 03/06/2015)

Ehcp is a Hosting Control Panel.
Ehcp is a tool in a server to facilate the process of hosting domains, emails, adding domains, ftp users and so on.

ehcp General Features:
* Full php, full opensource, easily modifiable, customazible, ehcp templates
* Unlimited "resellers, panel users, domains, ftp users, emails, mysqls"
* Domains, subdomains, ftp, mysql, dns (automatic), email etc. management
* password protected domains,
* Email forwarding, autoreply, catch-all emails,
* Web-stats (webalizer)
* web-ftp (net2ftp)

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