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Ehcp beta version 0.36.4.b is here

With our last announcement, we talked about new update about Ubuntu 14.04.
Something has changed in Ubuntu 14.04 and new php versions. So, we had to touch a little to ehcp. The new version is 0.36.4.b ; the last letter b at end denotes beta.

Known Problems of Ehcp

I will fill this list as known problems appear:

A) If domains has very large number of files, sync domains may take long time. What do you think about this ? How we should handle this situation ? long processing time is caused by chmod and chown commands in sync domains procedure.
Possible solutions to be coded:
- disable chown&chmod for syncdomains, for all domains or for some domains,
What you suggest ?

Spam Users Deleted in ehcp.net - Re-register if you are waiting

Hi, I just had to delete many (18000) spam users, directly. So, If you recently registered in ehcp.net and waiting for an activation, Please re-register. I had no chance to distinguish between real users and spammers, so I had to delete all spam-pending users.

What Is EHCP

EHCP is a Free Hosting Control Panel for Ubuntu/Debian/Mint and similars, a web based software for managing your hosting server. You can manage your domains, ftp, emails and more using EHCP

In future, I have plans for design & distribution of ehcp.
I am considering using python more in ehcp. As python becoming more and more popular, I will try it more in server management.

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