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Volunteer Developers Needed/Wanted for Ehcp

As ehcp is growing from day to day, we need new persons in our team. We need volunteer persons in the following positions:

  • Project Manager
  • Software Developer (php/python)
  • Marketing/Sales Manager
  • Social Media Manager

    The persons who want to work with ehcp will be assigned "Ehcp Developer" and "Ehcp Project Manager".

    Since ehcp is opensource/free, Currently, this is a volunteer position. We have no budget for these positions.

    However, you will have following advantages/profits:

    • You will be the first candidates for paid workers in future.
    • We will also have chance to share the donations and small incomes that comes from new products.
    • Ehcp will provide you some hosting resources (reseller account) so that you can host your own domains or you can sell hosting using resources that is given to you,
    • You will be able to access extra ftp space, for almost any legal purpose,
    • You will be able to publish suitable amount of your advertise (your site/product/yourself) in ehcp.net website; this worths 200$/month
    • You will have special discounts on ehcp products (listed on products page, will grow).
    • More will come.. especially if you have your own server.
    • Project Manager is obviously the first and strongest candidate for these advantages.

    Please contact info@ehcp.net email address, or reply here if you are interested, or you need something to ask.

    Hope to meet you in our team.

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