Feature Discussion - preconfigured ehcp

you have some interesting ideas.
I want to say generally: ehcp works tightly with ubuntu/debian system, in terms of software installation, configuration and update. In principle, i did almost nothing manual while installing, used mostly apt-get installation mechanism. As you expect, the results of this principle is this:

* any user gets latest server software (apache, dns, ftp and so on) on his/her server, even if a 6 months old ehcp is installed, for example. becaue, ehcp uses apt-get update and apt-get install, in ehcp installer.
This is a very basic/big difference between other panels (such as ISPConfig) and ehcp. Some other panels release a newer version, whenever a new php is released for example..
I think this explains somewhat your question..
(ubuntu softwares only may get very little (minor version) back of original softwares until a package for it releases. this generally takes very little time. this is done by ubuntu guys)

* Another result: users may update their system easily with apt-get update&apt-get upgrade command. Programmatically, it is a single php command.. But this is a kind of sensitive or dangerous task. maybe not easy to implement in gui, with single click. Because, some upgrade operations may change some sensitive parts of system, and if performed in gui, this may not be recognised. So, this update of software should be performed in console, manually, by server owner... This is what I think now, but we may figure it out in future, we may overcome that sensitive case.

In principle, I try to not change default configurations, as much as possible, since I try to reduce programming tasks and keep system most original. ehcp actually installs necessary software, makes some little configurations in installer and configures system (with normal system configuration files such as /etc/.../default and others..) This resembles what you suggest "pre-configured.". If you think some points of ehcp installer may be more "pre configured" let me know. I am trying to be very open to ideas, suggestions and critics...

* Being light: I tested and recorded new server before and after ehcp installation, I will post full result here, in general, after installation, ehcp core is as low as 40MB ram, other parts is apache, dns, and mysql. Normally, the total of all server software (apahe, dns, mysql, ftp, postfix) is 500MB ram. That maybe because of default instllation of server software, maybe controls the total ram and configures something higher.. I made some modifications in apache config and reduced that size to 206MB.

* Apache: I thought to use another web server such as lighthttpd or some other. I checked one and found to be non-gpl. I remain now on apache to be most conformant, confortable and for general use. Since apache is most generally used, I had choosed this and uses this. But as I mentioned, actually apache is eats much of memory. So, we may consider something newer in future. I am open to this too; needs some coding... current ehcp code tightly works with apache configuration files; functional, may be re-coded by re-implementing a few functions.

In general, I try to keep following principles an try to keep a balance between them:
* easy usage, easy installation, easy programming
* use system installation functions (apt-get)
* keep default config as much as possible
* little code, fast system
* use most generally used software
* integrated web server system

The result of these principle as I mentioned before:
* ui of ehcp; single file installer, installs everything within it; single class file, well commented, structural.. et...
* uses apt-get, hence, latest software, easy to upgrade,
* this is to lower coding overhead, to keep system untouched, standard
* very little code for each functions.. look at classapp.php. some features implemented in a few lines of php code.
* apache, bind, postfix, mysql, php etc.
* ehcp integrates everything using php around mysql db.

On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 5:41 AM, wrote:
> Dear Mr.bahattin
> will apache and other on server get updated along with ehcp update? can
> ehcp update things on server?
> eager to know,
> you have any plans to use different http server on server, do you specify
> compatibility with php versions? I mean, can ehcp work with latest version
> of php, do ehcp has any compatibility issues with any php extensions?
> how it will be if you give ehcp pre-configured ?
> hope you are getting my point know,
> using ehcp for multi-server setup is nice thing,
> what I personally feel is to use some comfortable control panel which is
> very much light weight which comes out of the box (pre-configured for some
> software combination) and which facilitates simple few click interface to
> update software in the server, to ease server management task, if you are
> interested, I wish to input more thoughts, so we can discuss and freeze
> some improvements and you can proceed ahead prioritizing those features,
> what do you say,
> if you can help with implementing some decent automation features and some
> preset pre-configurations, may be it will be helpful as out of the box
> kind of implementation for standard requirements know,
> hope to hear you soon, thank you
> all the best :)
> With Best Regards

* First let me explain why I post here: obvious, to be useful for everyone and to be a general discussion,
* Thank you for your ideas, suggestions; as I said before, those ideas are very valuable to me and I try to be flexible and open minded as much as I can,
* I got your points, I think I understand you;
I agree with you that, preconfigured versions of ehcp would be very good for different purposes,
or, even some different pre-made configurations may exist in something like options or master options, so that ehcp can be switched to those configurations/modes,
These require some works, so, needs time; need some discussion (as we do now), some planning, design and implementation (coding of php), In fact, programming help/contribution is a key point here.
in same way, installing different software from with panel or updating requires some investigation.

Most code piece in ehcp has come to this point after lots of experience.
if I add one more principle to the ones I listed before:
* being most error free, or adaptable to different situations within supported area (os, ubuntu, etc...)
So, I think being error free, being installable/usable right away is more important than having many features. This does not mean I will not implement more features, I only mean I try to do things careful and error free.
Many code pieces in ehcp has evolved in time to be more and more error free. There may be stil some bugs or erroneous codes..

I completely agree with you in idea of preconfigured ehcp's or cpanels..
We should consider things..

* ehcp site signup and email thing: the email didnt arrive somehow... we may debug it.. and investigate why... some emails with hotmail pass may not arrive and one should check spam folder too...

On Sun, Jul 26, 2009 at 6:28 PM, wrote:
> Dear Mr.Bahattin
> thanks for your response,
> I will come up more clearly,
> if you take cpanel, ingeneral for dedicated servers, it takes lot of
> space, but for vps, it comes as VPS optimised version, got my point know,
> likewise, if you take lxadmin, it just takes around 10mb ram if I read
> correct in their documentation, I am always exploring os, control panels
> and whatever I use work upon directly or just use for my purpose, I love
> optimising and improving, so I experiment a lot,
> coming to my purpose, I am exploring control panels for two purposes,
> 1) to have pre-configured control panels (web server and all for different
> purposes) especially web hosting and to host client websites where we give
> rvskin based cpanel ingeneral,
> having default install of os, software and cpanel is one thing, but
> optimising different software involved is something that easies life of
> admins and enhances experience of customers (in performance, security and
> reliability perspectives)
> example: if we enumerate minimum requirements of ram and cpu required to
> provide APC/eaccelerator/xcache kind of opcode cacher for general
> performance enhancement. some experiments in control panel level and
> providing options with settings for different purposes and option for
> control panel admin to just select the options, got my point
> 2) optimising server for static file serving, giving option to install,
> then enable required software for the purpose (example: lighttpd or nginx
> as http server compiled with fast-cgi to work with php as well in
> comfortable way, ofcourse even apache also work good in fast-cgi mode
> know). Likewise, useful set of settings for php and mysql optimisation
> also help.
> I am stressing upon this because, many users who think they can do better
> with control panels, they just do something, still to get better benefit,
> either they need to optimise settings from terminal by opening
> configuration files, do lot of experimentation both personal and
> complimentarily try info published by websites online as well.
> I am trying to stress on the point for users to directly get benefit
> irrespective of optimisation knowledge (from personal experience).
> 3) installing software with apt is easier which I too accept, but, if we
> manage the same from control panel, use the same config files to store
> final settings info, even though you may store data in mysql temporary
> tables or some other files basdon programmer comfort,
> please share your thoughts, thank you
> -------------
> registered in ehcp.net, I didnot recieve email still with password, just a
> reminder, thank you

I will download the ehcp code and will try if possible today, I can try writing a working sequence once I see the process,

coming to email, I did check in junk and spam folders nothing in there, we can debug, it will be somewhere, around email sending code, as you know about the issue, I hope you will fix this up quickly, thanks for manually proving the password