Erasing email fowarding Error

Hi there:

I got the following error after trying to erase an email forgarding:

Some Error Occured.
Error Occured (source:Error (executequery: delete from forwardings where (reseller='pcskynet' or panelusername='pcskynet') and id=1))err: Unknown column 'reseller' in 'where clause'last db error:Unknown column 'reseller' in 'where clause'

List Email forwardings

Some Error Occured.
failedlast db error:Unknown column 'reseller' in 'where clause'

Tried as user or admin. Same error.

Please Advice.

1- you should use latest version of ehcp,
2- you may fix your case by: go to phpmyadmin, choose ehcp db, forwardings table, add a new column named reseller, with varchar(30) , this should fix it.

if you cannot, i will help you online