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Ehcp Professional Version

We are proud to announce Ehcp Professional version.
The Pro version comes with new features and modules. The number of features/modules will increase as we grow.
The following are included with Ehcp Professional License:

email writing guide, use when sending any question/suggestion to us

Please note and follow the guidelines below concerning the writing of e-mail messages.

Give the message a subject/title. E-mail messages without a subject may not be opened because of a fear of viruses and especially note that it is very easy to forget to type this important information.

Subject contents
Keep the subject short and clear but avoid such headings as:
'hi', ‘Good News’, ‘Hello’, ‘Message from Mary’. These headings are common in messages containing viruses. Short but specific headings are needed,

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ehcp Helper/Howto
get Support/Answers
ehcp ticket system
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