When logged in as a addmin, i can add a client using the quick and custom buttons.
and on the new client options you have a field to enter one's email address.

But when some one comes to the main EHCP login page and lets say a new customer wants an account, and so clicks on the Apply for an Account link,
upon the page your then have to choices to choose from, ok lets apply for a hosting account, so you get these options

Domainname ( )
Panel username ( )
Panel Password ( )
FTP username ( )
FTP Password ( )
Quota (MB) (100 )
upload bw (kb/s) (1000 )
Download bw (kb/s)(1000 )

BUT NO email feild.
how can the customer know his login details or if or when his account is setup and all the rest of his/her account details.

maybe its a over looked part or maybe iv missed something,

regards Spudnick

I accept this as a bug-report, and try to fix asap.