Bind9 problem

hi, im using v0.29.13 of EHCP, i have not needed to use the pre-installed version of bind9 until now, but want to start, i changed my domainname to point to my namesever which is the same name as my domainname, example: then pointed to to the domain-host also asked for IP also) and i have been waiting for two days for my domain to connect to my server via my dns, and it still dose not connect with my dNS, i made sure i went to options>re-sync dns, but still not working, is their some settings which i have to change before it will work?

also i goning to use gadmin-bind 0.2.3(gui for bind) to monitor my bind but i dont know the paths to bind, can you tell me paths to:
1. chroot directory?
2. resolv.conf?
3. path to logs



follow this:

most probably your redirection from domain seller is not complete.
email me your domainname, i will try to identify problem.

sync dns is enaugh in ehcp.
make sure you redirected necessary ports too..

ok i sent you the details on skype :)

did you manage to see what the problem is on my server, why the dns dose not accept pointed url's??

i found this video on youtube but EHCP dose not seem to work the same way:

not analysed yet, sory.
send your domain info to please.

ok info is sent to your email.