Can't access ehcp panel

Hi everyone,

I've been looking at hosting control panels over the last week or so with the purchase of a new dedicated server, running Ubuntu 10.04 LTS - The other panel's I've looked at don't seem as feature rich as EHCP, so I was eager to give it a go.

I ran the install script, and everything went through OK from what I could see. I got to the end and seen "Installation completed" and proceeded to go to http://myip - I was greeted with simply "Under Construction" - Nothing more.

I seen another post on here where someone was experiencing the same problem, so I tried the solutions there. I tried accessing http://myip/vhosts/ehcp (which failed). I tailed the logfile and reloaded apache, nothing showed up in the syslog tail at all. I've rebooted the machine, started and stopped the EHCP daemon, done the same with apache, and still nothing.

Any more suggestions? I don't want to go down the re-install ubuntu phase if i can possibly avoid it, as I believe the data centre will charge for OS reloads. If it can be fixed without that, it would be great :)



If you end up with "Under Construction", most probably, you-or somehow- added your ip as a domainname; or something else bad happened before-or-after you install ehcp.

Normally, right after ehcp install, you can immediately access your panel.

To fix, try:
since you cannot access panel, you will work on command line, mostly mysql,
because, ehcp talks to mysql, a database named "ehcp". so, if you do something to that db, ehcp will do something in background,
for basic info, ehcp has a front-end-gui, so callled panel, and a background process which is called daemon.

lets start:
on command line, as root,
mysql -p (you will be asked mysql pass)
use ehcp
select * from domains ;

what you see in domain list?
or you may enter:

select domainname from domains;

1. if you see an ip, as domainname, then delete it using:
delete from domains where domainname=' ip';

after that, instruct ehcp daemon to reload domain zones:

insert into operations (op) values ('syncdomains');

this way, ehcp will re-build all apache configs. and most probably, your panel will be accessible,

2. if you dont see any ip or unusual thing, then you have some more trouble. We have one or two sample domains, those are normal, such as or

In this 2nd case, you will need to examine apache configs for unusual things, which prevents ehcp configs to load up. open /etc/apache2/apache2.conf and look at end for ehcp related lines.

as a last chance, if you wish, send your server ssh info to, we will try to fix it.

see you .

Thanks ehcpdeveloper,

I managed to get access to the panel :)