Email migration from another system

Hi, I hope this is the right place to post my problem.

I want to migrate from another system (ispCP Omega) to EHCP.
I have readed the post and related, but i don't understand if my old email can be transfered to the new system, so that my customer don't lost their email.

And if I can, I should transfer email from the old directory structure to


and the other data file and dir?



1. ehcp uses postfix, courier and mailbox format for storing emails, as you said, in /home/vmail folder.
2. your suggestion should work I think, but I did not test it before, also I dont have idea about "courierimapkeywords","courier*" files. But, ehcp uses courier imap service. that may work too.

3. I think most important part is your user email passwords. If you have many email users, and if you dont want to change user passwords, then, you may have trouble. If you have not passwords in plaintext, you may not be able to transfer email accounts with same pass. ehcp uses "emailusers" mysql table to authenticate email users. password field is "password" and email pass is stored with mysql "encrypt(pass,'ehcp')" function . so, you need either: old passwords in plaintext, or: old passwords in a known encrypt format, or: you need to reset user passwords.

As ehcpdeveloper, you will need to convert the files between two different storage system. The old system is using Maildir ( My guess is that it is running Cyrus-IMAP. The new system on the other hand is Courier-IMAP and is using Maildir++ as the storage system.

While there are probably scripts that can convert the files between the two different systems, I'm not sure if I would want to rely on them for your customers data.

Instead, I'd recommend that you use an IMAP migration tool to get the messages out of the old system and into the new system. You could use either an open source solution (such as imapsync) or a commercial solution, such as Yippiemove (

Both have pros and cons. Imapsync is free, but requires quite a bit of tweaking. Yippiemove is not free, but you won't have to spend time tweaking it either (and as a bonus, you'll get support).

Thank you for yours help. It's been precious.