Personal User Database

1. It would be so good to see a user have their own personel view of their database when they arelogged in to phpmyadmin as that user, so that a user dose mot see the all the other databases on the server only their own, and only the root/admin should see all databases and resellers see only their databaes and sub databases of their users (the same same way it is in Cpanel)
I think it is a good idea because even with full permissions the user will not be able to remove any server system databases because they are unable see them.

2. I would like to see ehcp able to set the user database permissions in the same section were a user is added/created, so then their is know need to have to set login the phpmyadmin as root/admin afterwards to set it for the new added user.

Tell me what you think?

a user just can see his own db no others.

this is already as you tell.
Users can see (should see) only his/her own databases.

Also, users can add their own databases in same panel gui.

If you want
"admin add database for a user, and user can see only that db",
then do like this:
"first, logout and login as that user, then, add db".

i may understand this as a feature request like:
"admin should be able to add database for user (not himself)"