Domain dns problem

I registered last year my domain and buyed some hosting from them. Now i made my own colocated server with ehcp.

I paid only for domain for next year. The problem is that they let me only point the domain to some nameservers but not let me to point that nameserver to my ip. I uploaded the dialog with those bastards.
They need to oblige me to buy hosting from them, but i dont need that now.


Is there a way to resolve the problem? Can I make those nameservers somehow?

I could not look at pictures at
they dont appear.
you may send them to our email,

I suggest you to follow

try to register a dns in your registrar. there should be some link in your domain control panel like that.

The dialog can be seen here:

Today i resolved this problem using another domain, where i was able to make my own nameservers. Then i just write those in the panel of the first registrar and it works. I was lucky becouse i've had a second domain.

yes, your way of resolving is absolutely right.
using one of your domains is enaugh for a nameserver.

I should also say that, in image above, that person has misunderstood you,
you do not want dns settings actually.
you will manage dns yourself.

you should ask them for "registering your server ip as dns server for your domain."
in fact, you should be able to do this yourself in that domain panel.

anyway, you solved your proble, congratulations.