question about PHP

In PHP, say i wanted to make a PHP file do operations to an HTML file. Say I want to store the data inputted from the box into a db, but i have to show PHP what i want to change, and by doing that, i name the list. In PHP would i point to the name? for example here's my tag...

and then in PHP i would do


is this correct, I'm not sure about web page programming, and i need some help

Also, can php understand to point at div tags in html? for example...

paragraph here

and then in php


this last question is kind of off topic, but is helpful to know. Say i wanted to change html text on a page. How would I do that?

thanks for your help

sorry tags didn't appear... first one was

input type=text name=THIS value=whatever

second one was

div id=header
paragraph goes here

I use EHCP =)

php can get values of tags from html pages.
such as:
<input type=text name=example>

php can get value of $example, in php script.

but, be careful that,
php does not output any tag automatically.

btw, to put here some tags, use & sign, then, lt; for ex.
display program filters out < sign if you write it normally.

so it's the name... not the value which PHP points to in the HTML? for example


$string=['name']; //name or value... which one does PHP point to is the question

thanks for your help btw

I use EHCP =)

<input type=text name=email>

will be catched by php:

if, form method is GET,
use _POST if form method is post