adding mysql db to existing users

Thu, Jan 14 2010 6:31pm
Hi there,
I have some important to me questions:
1) Is there any way, to create database with existing user (eg. i have one user - admin and want to create many databases with this one user: admin@db1, admin@db2, admin@db3 ...)
2) Let say, i want create for some my users another domains, and want to add them to thiers panels, and DONT WANT create new panel users...

Tue, Jan 19 2010 4:49am - Admin Admin
1) that is directly possible. choose the domain, then, under mysql section. use links like "add db to existing user" or "add user to existing db". almost all combinations are possible about db.

2) this is also possible. but, if you setup your users as single domain owner, then, first, you need to increase maxdomains count in phpmyadmin, ehcp db, panelusers table. (if those users are already resellers, you dont need this.)
after setting that value, you may add new domains to those users, by loging in as that user.

sory for late answer, re-open ticket if you need more help, or open a case in forums section.