what are my smtp settings?

After installing ehcp, how do i know what my smtp settings are? I'm trying to install an open id server and it asks for the following information:
Email Host name,
This is your SMTP server. Look in your email preferences and see what the address of the server used to send your emails is.

I've tried everything i can think of but it's not having it. What are my smtp settings?

email settings for smpt, pop or imap are following:

one of:

  • your server ip,
  • yourdomainname.com
  • mail.yourdomainname.com

    for pop3: 110
    imap: 143
    smtp: normally, 25

    username: youruser@yourdomain.com, so, dont forget to include @yourdomain.com, (replace it with yours..)

    note that some ISP's block port 25 because of many spam. so, port 587 used instead of 25. you should try that too. if your isp blocks port 25 it is explained in http://ehcp.net/?q=node/798

    list of ports that should be open on your server at: http://www.ehcp.net/helper/yardim/cat.php?cid=6&qid=59

    while connecting from pop/imap, outlook, thunderbird and similar:
    try settings for tls checked, ssl checked, smtp 25 - 587, combinations of that.

    You may also check if your webmail works.. that may help you identify your problem. webmail usually works, even other things do not work.

    whil trying, I suggest you to debug your system as described in http://ehcp.net/?q=node/771
    Debugging may help you identify your problems.

  • i had problems with incoming mail settings, but i fixed it, by using IMAP mode, and making sure outlook dose not use tls or ssl, so i set it to none, and it connected fine, for outgoing mail server you can set it to auto of just tls both worked for me, oh also i did forward port 143 before i started just to make sure IMAP would not get blocked.

    Yup i used my ip address and it worked, though i'm still having a problem getting open id to work!

    i think, ehcp has nothing to do with openid; it is an application that would be run on top of your hosting server.. it is an application level problem.