general instability of ehcp and net2ftp problem.

Hi there, I've recently installed ehcp on my vps and seem to have lots of problems with it. To be brief, it's very unstable, one moment it's working fine, the next it isn't.
My current issue is regarding net2ftp, which was originally working fine. Now if i try to chmod files or directories, i get the following error message:
Warning: ftp_site() [function.ftp-site]: SITE CHMOD command failed. in /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/net2ftp/includes/ on line 286

An error has occured
Unable to execute site command chmod 0777 / Note that the CHMOD command is only available on Unix FTP servers, not on Windows FTP servers.

Yet i'm not using a windows server.
I have ubuntu hardy and the installation was done automatically usng your command.

Any ideas why this is so unstable and what the problem with net2ftp is please?
(I realise that ehcp must work because it's used by many others, but it is just not stable for me and i'm wondering what the problem could be?)

i also tried to install ehcp/a hosting system in a vps before in time,

Unfortunately, some vps's dont have standard hardware/software installed inside, and Ubuntu/php/ehcp may live problems with vps. this is mostly caused by "vps dont behave like a real server"
Thats why you may see some unstability with your vps/ehcp, even ubuntu. Some plain basic commands on your shell too, may not just work. This is not an ehcp issue, i think, but rather an operating system/ubuntu/vps issue...

webftp error is also related to mis-function of php, which in turns related to vps issues, i think.

To overcome, you may try:

  • to increase vps ram size, suggested ram size is 512.
  • reduce memory need by canceling innodb in mysql, my.cnf
  • just reboot it,
  • or you may need to replace vps with another one, with another system.. for example, if you use xen hypervisor, retry with another one...
  • if you try ehcp on a real server, you will live no problem, mostly.
  • by the way, ehcp is used on hundreds of production servers, tens of commercial hosting servers.. newer version of 0.29.12 is on the way with email autoreply builtin

    Although I suggested these, these are not exact solution.. shortly, "some vps are problematic"

  • Thanks for such a quick reply! Yes i was sure that there must be a reason specific to me because i can plainly see that other users are satisfied. I did try to use net2ftp's own site and had the same problem so i can see the problem is with my os and not ehcp.

    There was no problem with ehcp or net2ftp and not even my server, the problem was ME! I'd uploaded a script using winscp then tried to chmod it through net2ftp, but net2ftp doesn't like that. When i used net2ftp to upload it, it all worked properly.