Install "ehcp itself" does not fully isntall

On my server, I try to install ehcp itself, and it is not fully installing. It installs net2ftp webmail and templates, that's it.

i just tested again now,
it installs as expected..
To debug problem,
on your console,
tail -f /var/log/ehcp.log

then repeat the that install, watch the console..
you may see what is happening there..

this may help you debug the problem..

Sorry, my apologies for not verifying, but I meant the easy install script "ehcp itself"

I use EHCP =)

yes, I also speak about same thing, "ehcp itself" in easy install scripts..
it actually downloads ehcp again, and puts it in where you want.

I tested, seems working..
watch log file at /var/log/ehcp.log
you may see any error there.

I'm sorry again. Yes it is working now. Thank you

I use EHCP =)