Q & A: may I use another webmail ?

Is there a way to use another email service besides SquirrelMail? I have used RoundCube in the past, and I would like to know if its compatable with EHCP?

it is possible to use it,
but you need to install it manually..
squirrelmail has nothing to do with ehcp, it communicates with email system using standard imap protocols..

if you can setup another webmail system, using imap or pop, then you may use it..

I choosed squirrelmail because it is easy to install.
I had tested roundcube, but it requires many manual steps..
to be able to include roundcube into ehcp, we need to have an automated installer.

if anybody knows to install roundcube via a script, then, we can include it in ehcp.


with version 0.29.15, roundcube is integrated in ehcp.
if you haven't got it,
re-download 0.29.15 and upgrade your files from http://ehcp.securitywonks.net/ehcp_latest.tgz

I have downloaded this file about 5 times and each time I get file is corrupt. size of file is 7.7 mb


use this link, as alternative:
same file. should be ok.
if still problem, i will email you.