echp in easy script

Just woundering how come echp is in the easy script's installations,

Does this mean you can install it on another hosting account and use it?

I did not understand your question fully.

As far as I understand:

  • you choose a domain(hosting) of yours in ehcp,
  • click on easy install scripts, choose an easy install script,
  • enter a target directory or leave empty to install onto root of your domain folder,
  • you click go, then, you wait a bit, for following steps
  • on background: ehcp downloads that script (if that file in ehcp db is up to date, and exists on target server) in background, extracts it, copies it to your destination folder,
  • then, if defined in scripts table, background ehcp daemon executes some preliminary shell commands such as chmod a+w cache...
  • you wait until background finishes the progress, you cannot see process on ehcp gui, but the duration is typicaly 30 sec for 1st installation, depending on your net speed; after 1st installation, ehcp stores downloaded script archives in local, so that other installations is usually less then 2 second,
  • then, you may click on your destination dir on your ehcp gui and see the script downloaded and extracted, ready to continue other manual installation.
  • if you need more manual operations on that script, you may do it usin ftp or ssh, mostly, ftp is enaugh..
  • if you want to add/customize some scripts, you may play with ehcp db, scripts table..