Easy Scripts Help


After my last problems, tryed a new server and used unbuntu 8 this time, No errors and i dont need to login to phpmyadmin to delete domains, the control panel works fine,

apart from.......

When i install a script, says its installed fine etc, but doesnt show it on the list if i want to delete it etc, and it hasent even installed the script at all,

anyways of getting this to work?

Take into account the followings about The easy install scripts:

  • the script download url's may be out of date, may just not work, they are not updated automatically, you need to update them manually (phpmyadmin->scripts table) or from http://ehcp.net/?q=node/32 (even this may be out of date). This means, some script may not work.
  • to trace what is happening while installing something, on server console: tail -f /var/log/ehcp.log
  • ehcp has ability to install script, but, does not keep a list of installed scripts, so , cannot delete them from within ehcp. you need to manually delete them, through ftp or like that..
  • the destination directory must not exist, while installing a script, otherwise, ehcp does not start to install script, to prevent accidential data overwrite.. for example, if you need to reinstall a script within ehcp, you need first to delete that directory (in ftp or alike)