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I am currently using ehcp and have webpages and email running, however I am not a big fan of SquirrelMail and would like to use a different email client. I have my dns info at freedns and here is the info. (G) A (G) MX (G) A (G) A (G) A (G) A

I have tried a test with an email checking program and have tried the pop and smtp stuff and no go. I have also changed both to and the program now connects but times out when trying to see if there is any emails. I currently can not use, due to the above dns info nor can I add it without paying money that I don't have.

So, can I do a symbolic link to get to /vhosts/ehcp/webmail/ and make this all work?



  • Normally, you can use any email client with your domain
  • Normally, you dont need freedns, you may have your own dns with your server/ehcp
  • if your email client timeouts, then, make sure: * you are not in same network as your server, * all necessary ports open to your server, 110,143, 25
  • You dont need to symlink, to install webmail onto a directory of your domain, just install it from "easy install scripts"
  • I had difficulty in understanding some of your text.
  • 1. I don't have a static ip, thus the use of freedns.
    2. I am in the same network as my server, so there is no way around this?

    Add webmail to my vhost now I get this....

    Error opening ../data/default_pref
    Could not create initial preference file!
    /var/www/vhosts/ehcp/webmail/data/ should be writable by user www-data
    Please contact your system administrator and report this error.

    I have changed permissions to 777, no go. Changed owner to root, no go and also to www-data and no go. What am I doing wrong here?


  • if you are on same network, then you need some trick.. follow
  • best way to install webmail to any location, is to use easy install scripts, webmail exists there..
  • Normally, if you get permission error, chmod a+w thatfile fixes the problem.. if your problem is not fixed, then probably there is something else.. webmail install through "easy install scripts" does necessary chmod settings..