backup to email

I attach two files,
first, sends whole database to an email, accepts dbname, email and sitename (not-important)

second file, does something special:
parameters same as first (i think)
but it drops/deletes non-critic tables so that, the email size reduces..
this is especially good for some large db's..

original author is written in file,
I made some modification, and made second file myself.. it is first in world, i think..

example usage:
php backup2mail2.php drupal2 ehcp

you may put it in a cron job:
1 1 */1 * * cd /root/server ; php backup2mail2.php drupal2 ehcp >> /var/log/cronisler_backup2mail.log 2>&1 &

That runs that emailer once a day..

See you.