Email admin account

Hello, how are you all?

I have a question here... How many admin email can be created into a certain domain?
Like for example, i have alraedy and I also want to add another email admin
like .. is it possible?



Do you mean the admin of a domain ?
do you mean:
there will be two different admins for a domain...?

yes sir, 2 different admin. is it possible? coz according to our mail hosting, it's only 1 email admin account possbile for 1 domain.



Can you please clarify it, because your words make me in doubt:
You speak about email hosting,

What will these 2 different admins do?
Will they do administration about their domain in ehcp, or will they do something about email accounts, such as managing email accounts of domain ?

And, can you say, why you have needed such thing ?

I ask because, I need to understand the case fully...

They will do or administer/manage email accounts.
Because we have already 1 username managing email accounts, but I need 1 more username/admin account to manage also the email accounts.. My question is, is it possible to have 2 different account for managing email account (adding/deleting email account).

I need this because we have branches this supposed to will used more than 1 username to manage email accounts.


I finally understand your case fully..

Normally, this is not directly possible with ehcp; but I may give a try for code change to achieve this..
Although this is a very rare case and interesting request, I will think and analyse if I can do this easily...

I will inform you when I do something..

oh, nice to hear that sir.

Hope to hear you soon.

Thank you very much and more power