Q&A: speed up sync domains

Guest: with sync domains
it is very very slow
how can I speed up the sync?

me: .
how many domains do you have ?

Guest: 600

me: do you do sync manually ?

Guest: yes

me: you dont need to do that,
when you add a new domain
it is already sync'ed
if you do again, you do it twice
understand ?

if you have 600 domains,
something in sync domains may be fine tuned...
do you use ehcp actively on a production server with 600 domains ?

me: may be we can fine tune it, sync thing..

me: ..
good... that way, you may speed up ...
but, for larger domains, we should do some more fine tuning, on sync domains process..

I will post here, some way to improve sync domains thing..
we may disable something in sync domains..