logging on to ehcp

Please bear with me - this is all pretty new to me !!!
I am running Ubuntu 9.04 Desktop and manually added Apache, MySQL and PHP. To check they were all happy I installed and launched PHPMyAdmin - And all seems well.

The reason for going the desktop route, then adding was and is, that I use a wireless connection and Ubuntu Server was expecting an ethernet connection.

The installation of ehcp seems to have gone pretty painlessly, but I may have messed up the mail bit.
As I am learning about ehcp, and others, I am just using localhost and not an external IP address, although ehcp can see my IP address correctly & I left it at that.
I selected local mail only when trying to set up mailman, the daemon is running and I added the lines as per the installation instructions using newlist mailman

The log-on screen comes up ok - But it will not take any of the combination off root / admin / ehcp with any of their possible permutations.

I have tried the Lost Pass option, and whilst the email address I set up is valid (phillw@uk.vpolink.com) No mail arrives, I am surmising that is because I have set it up as local only.

I do have internet access, do I need to alter something in the mail configuration for it to send e-mails.

Also, what would be the default login / password combination for a new install of ehcp.

I am pretty sure it is yet another "He did WHAT???!" moment for you guys, and I promise to try and not break it again !!!

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As I understand, you have two problem,
1- cannot login,
2- cannot send email outside,

First of all, using desktop is not a bad way for a beginner, so, you have done a right approach.

1) I didnt understand, if you cannot login to mailman or to ehcp ?
I answer both two cases:
1a) Mailman: i am not sure how to recover this, you may need to reinstall that part manually (aptitude reinstall mailman or dpkg reconfigure mailman) or, you need to search for "mailman password recovery" on net.
1b) if you forgot ehcp password, and cannot login to ehcp, follow instruction here: http://www.ehcp.net/?q=node/539

2) Normally, you are asked a few questions while installing mail server part (postfix) of ehcp installation.
if you entered something in mailserver name (such as mail.yourdomain.com) and you finished normally the mailserver installation (which is a part of ehcp installation) then, you should be able to send email outside the world, even if your ip is internal, or your domain does not exist... Only, some mail systems that does a reverse check ( if your domain does not exist) will not accept your outgoing mail.
you may look what is happening on your server with "tail -f /var/log/syslog" in console,
Mail issues are almost hardest part of a server installation, and may need some investigation.

If you have further questions, let me know.

See you.


Sorry for not making myself clearer. I have had a few glitches with other things, so have re-installed Ubuntu from scratch and will add the remaining parts of LAMP (It's gr8, as I am learning a load about how the parts all work together). Having read through a few of the questions posted here, I am assuming that the beta is okay to install.

It will be a couple of days before I get everything installed - I will gladly share my experiences as to how I get on. Having looked at the demo, it does seem to do everything - I am currently learning the ins and outs of Plesk Parrallels - but I can't afford that !!

When i get more used to these things I'll ask the site owner of vpolink.com if he would be okay to put ehcp as an option for anyone wishing to use his server. It supports MySQL, PHP and Apache - He charges 15 USD / year for about 450Mb of server space. But, I am still learning and in amongst the things I am trying to learn is that of web-hosting and setting up e-commerce site(s) - for that one, it seems pretty much a no-brainer but to go with osCommerce.

Once again, many thanks for your prompt & detailed reply.



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Some additional info:

Normally, installing LAMP before ehcp is not required. After installing a clean Ubuntu/Debian server or desktop, you may immediately start installation of ehcp. Because ehcp installas almost all hosting related programs, LAMP, and some other.
If you install ehcp after a LAMP installation (LAMP means Linux Apache Mysql Php), it is okey again. ehcp uses existing installation of these (provided that, you didnt broke configuration of these)

If you just want to know or learn what is being installed, you may have look at install_*.php files. installation procedure is in install_1.php, install_2.php and details in install_lib.php

For anyone who needs more article, info and tutorial about ehcp, follow here: http://www.ehcp.net/?q=node/262

See you and have a nice server.. :)