howto setup domain and making it work , Conversation

(14:26:39) I need ur help once more ....
(14:34:52) bv-gtalk: ?
(14:54:01) say I have purchased a domain . Now what will be the settings that I should provide to the domain registerer to work my domain with EHCP
(14:54:30) to link up the domain with EHCP server
(14:56:09) ???

(14:59:49) bv-gtalk: set dns as:
(14:59:54) bv-gtalk:
(14:59:57) bv-gtalk:
(15:00:00) bv-gtalk: in your registrar
(15:00:08) bv-gtalk: and setup your domain in ehcp
(15:00:20) bv-gtalk: ok ?
(15:01:55) And how can I setup the main home page of the server ..... Currently when I am typing the ip address of the server it is showing the default page. SAy I want to redirect it to
(15:03:00) bv-gtalk: after you setup,
(15:03:06) bv-gtalk: 1m
(15:03:15) ok
(15:04:09) bv-gtalk: after you setup in ehcp,
(15:04:19) bv-gtalk: upload your files
(15:04:20) bv-gtalk: using ftp
(15:04:23) bv-gtalk: to your server
(15:04:29) bv-gtalk: using ftp username and your pass
(15:04:36) bv-gtalk: upload into httpdocs directory
(15:04:57) bv-gtalk: and, if you complete dns redirection of domain in your registrar,
(15:05:14) bv-gtalk: you can see your domain in browser, if you write
(15:05:17) bv-gtalk: thats all
(15:05:29) hmmm, fine
(15:06:32) bv-gtalk: look at too
(15:06:42) bv-gtalk: it is written more and more detail