I list here some general features which I think should be implemented :

  • Capability to modify the quota of a given mail account : right now it appears that the account must removed and recreated to do or the database edited
  • SPAM/Antivirus configured out of the box
  • Autoreply / Vacancy message

That's all for today, those are the first missing features i have noticed.

I agree with you that those should be implemented.
I will take into account your suggestions in development.

Please continue to offer/request features..
You guide me in the development of ehcp, all ehcp users...

One the first things to do would be to give a little bit of documentation about how the things are organised, which files are used for what, the general architecture.

This would help other developers to provide you some help more easily.
I think we have a base here to make a killer tool. As usually, the value of an open source project comes from the community of peoples who can participate in the development.

i agree with you again, and here is some links:
Developer wiki, which is under wiki above:
Ehcp structure is defined in this openoffice file:

I saw there are allready some manualy scripts in the website for batch emails import from file.
I was wonder if is possible to include a page for batch emails importing, or a textarea where to insert all emails line by line (also if there is possible to include the password), sort of:

This will simplify a lot of things. Is also good for migration peoples. They allready have the batch add domains, maybe with this feature will have batch add emails, all it rest is to create/import http/mysql files.


i will work about this and send you results.
this is possible in a reasonable time.