question & answer: openbasedir, alias, subdomain

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me: ?

Guest: Hi, is it normal that the subdomains don't use a openbasedir?

me: maybe

Guest: my subdomains can contact for instance the phpmyadmin alias while the normal domain can't

me: hmm
yes it seems as it is designed like that
openbasedir should also activated for subdomains
isnt it ?

Guest: do I've to activate it for each domain?
coz it is standard for a domain but not for subdomains appearantly

me: ok 1min.
Sent at 1:43 PM on Monday

me: open your
php_admin_value open_basedir {homedir}
then go to options
sync domains
thats it
all subdomains are openbasedir enabled now

Guest: k, I'll try that in 1 min, but is it a general setting as well? in php.ini for instance? because I can go to any url for instance and it will work
even if I don't have created a subdomain for it
that doesn't matter that much because it will only be that aliases
but still wierd
Sent at 1:46 PM on Monday

me: openbasedir is also settable in php.ini but, also in apaceh template works
it has nothing with openbasedir
that points to your
not domain or subdomain
it is normal
because as default,
resolves to your ip
in bind / dns settings.
if you wish you can disable that by editing dns template

Guest: I don't think that will do much damage because users can't put any damaging code there
where is it btw possible to add domain aliases, do I have to alter the apache template for that?

me: www alias is already added

Guest: ok, thanks for this quick service
very nice to have support this way
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