Is it possible to setup EHCP behind a port


Is it possible to setup EHCP behind a port. So like yourip:2000 or something instead of just your IP. Because I have 3 computers on the same lan (including my server) and some of them already use my IP for things.

ehcp uses apache webserver. You should set apache to use port 2000 or whatever else.
Edit /etc/apache2/ports set 80 to any value, restart apache.
Your apache and all domains will run from that port..

if you want to use your domains at port 80 but only ehcp on some different port,
you should do some trick.
run two copies of apache, one with port 2000 and ehcp, the other with port 80 and domains..
This needs some configuration.


I have posted what I did to make EHCP run behind a port (the control panel only, domains still on 80) using lighttpd. You can find my instructions on


nice tut, thanks for contribution, helping in improving our hosting experience..

note: why this method is important:
ehcp uses same apache, same port as normal webserver. this sometimes causes "unreachability" of panel, in case of any misconfiguration in some domains.

this is checked and avoided on many cases in latest ehcp, 0.30.4, however, it is still a risk. so, running ehcp on a different port is a good idea.

however, let me explain, I am not doing this the default, because, as the structure gets more complex, some inexperienced people cannot use the panel, or mess up something..

anyway, thanks a lot