Problems with Mysql backup

When I use the backup utility to backup Mysql db's the Mysql.sql comes up empty. I have upgraded to the latest version and everything seems to work fine except for the Mysql backup. There wasn't any db's in the EHCP (just in phpmyadmin) so I ran som insert's into mysqlusers and mysqldb tables. Then everything listed fine in the EHPC, but still no Mysqldumps in my backup. So anybody knows what's wrong?

I checked that, and I found a new bug in ehcp.
I fixed it, new file at
(This file may not be available long after this post, if you look at this post long after, just use latest ehcp version normal download,

Download, extract and put classapp.php file in ehcp dir, then restart ehcp: /etc/init.d/ehcp restart

Then retry backup feature.
Note that this file is newer but not completely tested, should work normally. (this will be ver 0.29.10 soon)

As you noted, ehcp backups only databases that exist in ehcp db, mysqldb table, so if you want to backup some dbs that are not setup in ehcp, you need to manually insert those db names into mysqldb table in ehcp db, useing phpmyadmin, probably just as you did.. (if you choose to backup files, ehcp backups web files too...)