Start MySQL

ehcp installed OK. I have a couple of domains that work OK from the outside world too. I'm stumped though on how to get a mysql database and tables initialised (it's a one-time thing). Ideally I would like do this with access from the outside world, but doing it at the keyboard of the server would work if I have to.

I'm actually working my way through the apps in "PHP and MYSQL for Dummies". Probably not the first time that has been done.

Do I have to write a PHP appto do this or is there another way?

Ian B

What do you mean by "initialize mysql database and tables" ?

if you only mean that you want to set up a mysql database and tables, follow this:
1- to set up your database, go to ehcp gui, select your domain, click on "add mysql db & user", fill in , your mysql db is setup and initialized.. .
2- to set up your tables depends on what application you plan to install. most web apps (including one click installs / easy install scripts in ehcp) provide you a way to set up your tables... Alternatively, you can use phpmyadmin on left menu to setup tables as you wish... you can also use mysql command line to setup your tables if you know what to setup...

see you