little var space

a Question and answer:

Just installed ehcp and its great!
But I did something really stupic when I set up my server.
My /var partition is only 2,8GB
My /home partition is 70GB

All the files that we upload via ftp to different domains will be saved in /var/www/vhosts/"domainname",is that correct?
And all emails in /home/vmail ?
Is it possible to do so that this vhosts folder, with all domain-content is moved to the /home partition?
And whats the /home/ftp folder for?

Sorry for my bad english. Hope you understand and that you can help be so I dont have to install it all over..

best regards


/home/ftp is nothing, you may just ignore,
To have var space in /home, you need to make it a symlink, to make it symlink, do following on command line:

cd /home
mkdir var
cd /var
mv * /home/var/
rm -rvf /var
ln -s /home/var /var
chown -rvf chown vsftpd:www-data /home/var