Can admin send mass mail ?

Hello !

Can I as admin in ehcp send mass mail to all e-mail that is added in ehcp on my server ?



That is not directly possible now,
a few coding should be done to achieve that.
And, i should state that, mass emailing or spam is something dangerous, you should avoid that on your normal production system...

Btw, i should state that, ehcp is being used on many production systems..

Okey but I miss it then I shoud do some updates on the server. I need my customers to know then the server is going down and the easyes way is mass mail. I know some that is using cpanel and they can send mass mail.

as i understand from you second post that:
you think to mail to only domain owners, resellers, right ?

in your first post, i understood like you want to send to all mail accounts, including mail users.. this should be prevented...

which one do you ask ?
your opinion is important, so i ask...

i will implement this feature soon,

Okey sorry.

I mean to send mail to all doman owner.

Okey good I be waiting :)