How do I change e-mail mess ?

Hello !

How do I change the admin mail that is sent then I make i new mail adress ?

And How can I change the file size in mail I send from webmailen from 2mb to larger file size?




1- Go to settings in your ehcp gui, you can set admin email there
2- To change file size,
make sure your /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini has file size limit has enaugh value
make sure it is not limited in webamil, look at squirelmail documents, i dont know the detail.

Yes but I mean the message that is sent to the user that added a new e-mail ?

Is this what you mean in php.ini about the size post_max_size = 8M ?

1- the message that is sent to new email user (welcome to world) is coded in classapp.php, in function addEmailUser(){
You can open and edit it. Pay attention to keep php formatting, otherwise, your panel will not work.

2- No, there should be something like file size limit

Thanx. I solve this .