A) for upgrade from pre-0.29.15 to 0.29.15 : http://ehcp.net/?q=node/1047
B) upgrade from 0.29.15 to : just replace classapp.php from new package.

Upgrade in short:

* Backup your config.php
* download new or stable or beta package of ehcp, extract it,
* restore your config.php
* logout & login back
* restart ehcp daemon: /etc/init.d/ehcp restart

ehcp directory structure has changed in version 0.29.15. so, if you are upgrading from pre 0.29.15 versions, you need to follow (A), this may be sometime problematic.
after this version, I think, replacing classapp.php or maybe a few files in future will be enaugh.

Do not forget to restart your ehcp daemon after upgrade:
/etc/init.d/ehcp restart

Original question:
Hi, how to upgrade 0.29.04 to 0.29.07 without reinstall? I have some domains...


Download new package,
logout of ehcp gui, backup your original files
put files in package in your ehcp dir, except config.php
restart ehcp daemon: /etc/init.d/ehcp restart
login back to ehcp gui (upon first login, some missing table rows will be rebuilt, if any, you may see some "field not found, setting up...." messages)

That should work now.

Similar technique should work for future versions of ehcp.
when ver.0.30 out, upgrade in same way...

(you may look also at http://www.ehcp.net/?q=node/171)

How do I logout from ehcp gui ? Which files should I backup ?

logout: left menu, bottom, logout link

backup: while upgrading, only backup your config.php in ehcp dir,
then put new files into that, restore your config.php
this way, your new ehcp will work.


where is ehcp folder?

/var /www /new / ehcp
is that right way?

for older ehcp's, (older than 0.29.15), it is in /var/www/vhosts/ehcp

for newer ones, yes, it is in /var/www/new/ehcp

for upgrade from pre-0.29.15 to 0.29.15 : http://ehcp.net/?q=node/1047

When I try to upgrade the using the ugrade_to_yeni.sh file, I run it and get "./upgrade_to_yeni.sh: 2: Syntax error: "(" unexpected"

I use EHCP =)

Hey, can you tell us what files exactly we need to copy beside classapp.php to upgrade from 0.29.15.x to

Thanks for your work. :)

only classapp.php should be ok.
however, maybe localutils.php also... not sure exactly

another way, so-called one liner:

cd /var/www/new ; cp ehcp/config.php ./; wget -O ehcp.tgz ehcp.net/download ; tar -zxvf ehcp.tgz ; cp config.php ehcp/ ; /etc/init.d/ehcp restart

(for ehcp's equal or newer than 0.29.15)

Greetings i have EHCP running on ubuntu 12.04 LTS can someone describe EHCP upgrade procedure to latest step by step ?