Password protect directories

Can't see the input field for the password. (Running EHCP 0.29.07)

It's a small bug in ehcp.
If you want to fix it yourself, edit classapp.php, find "function addDirectory()".
Look a few lines down for: .inputform4($action,$labels,$fields=array('username',array('password', 'tip'=>'password'),'directory'),
And make it: .inputform4($action,$labels,$fields=array('username','password','directory'),

That's it!
A fix will probably be included in the next release.

:) you are faster than me, i was fixing code and uploading, you wrote a howto in fixing this..
i just uploaded the latest file...
i will fix any issues as they appear...
what works, i hope, in addition to ver 0.29.06:
* add subdomain with ftp,
* disk quota, warning for disk quota,
* a few fixes...

i fixed that and uploaded in download section, you may download again and replace your classapp.php file only..