where to put files

First I would like to congratulate you for a fine job on EHCP. I just installed it on my ubuntu box with no problem at all.

Here goes the purpose for the web server, many family members including myself and a couple good friends have websites, (business, blogs, etc) and since we all have fully functioning websites with several different hosting company's, so I proposed to host them all on a server I was going to get.

I have a couple questions hope you don'tt mind, Im a web designer with knowledge in HTML, PHP, ASP, JavaScript and a couple more, but Idon'tt anything about networking or stuff like that so I would appreciate all the help you could give me. As I said before the server is going to host around 10-15 websites, all mine and or family members/friends if the server works as I expect it to work I may be starting my own cheap small web hosting company and I would like to use and advertise your control panel with all my customer (Client CP, Reseller CP and Admin CP). But for that to happen I need to know how to add domains and transfer them to my server and most importantly where to put the files on my hard driveee, as far as I know I have to put them in /var/www/ so if customerrr is www.newdomain.com for what I understand I/he has to put the files in /var/www/newdomain.

Since you are a newbie regarding webserver topics, i only suggest you to put files after you setup your domain in ehcp, to what you see in your ftp account. Login to your ftp account that you setup your domain in, then put your files in root of ftp, into yourdomain.com directory...
for example, you setup aaa.com domain, in your ftp of ftp1, then, when you login to your account using ftp, you should put your files in dir /aaa.com/httpdocs/ ..

if you know deeper in server directory, same files reside in /var/www/vhosts/ftp1/aaa.com/httpdocs

ask me if you have other questions..