making perl/cgi work


Php seems fine but .pl .cgi located anywhere or cgi-bin on a clients ftp, i .e hello world, loads the code raw on the browser, does not seem to exec, even with 755 mod.

Is there something needed to make the file in /usr/bin/perl work with apache2? also my perl is installed.


ok, i just removed # from start of ' AddHandler cgi-script .cgi ' in apachie2's mime.conf and now cgi is working but .pl files try to dnload when accessed, even with exec 755 set, anyone any ideas how to now get .pl files to run?

by going to mime.conf in apache2 i removed # in front of the line to deal with cgi-scripts also adding .pl beside the already stated .cgi and now cgi/perl works,

i wonder is this safe, i.e if a client has an account and uploads a cgi that lets them browse their space, could they go back out of their home dir or out side of their area and break security?