Forward a domain to an existing ehcp managed domain.

Hi there:

I have a situation where we need to forward several domains to one existing domain.
Can you forward a created domain to another one already managed by ehcp.

Thanks in advance.


Yes, there is a way,
if you want to forward A to B,
then select A in ehcp,
then on right bottom, click on "Redirect To Another domain/url"
then write full url here, such as

you can write some other url too, not only domain name.

this way, when a user enters A, will be redirected to B or, whatever you write in that url

Thanks for the reply.

Wonderful!, i see the option, however you need to login as admin to see it, i was trying as regular panel user.

Thanks a lot for your help.

that option works for regular domain admin too, but domain admin template does not contain link !
thats all.
you may modify template, or write on url yourself, while loged in as domain admin.
i will fix template later.

see you.